The EIC-1 Wireless
Remote Control Training
My EIC-1 Wireless Remote
Control Training Lab.

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Here is a little closer look for you.
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EIC-1's First Car Ride
in style an Escalade low
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on youtube.
The Build Begins.

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New CNC equipment for the EIC_1
First attempt at easy made CNC but did not like metal on metal
slides or roller bearing adjustment technique.
New and finale design using 16 "Drawer slides.
They align them selves as long as they are parallel to one another
which is easy to do.
Now I'm working on (Z)
Using ends I cut off drawer
slides as a base soldered
to 1.25 inch x 1/16" steel
All I have to do now is hook
up control board, power
supply and computer.
Run my cad and cam
programs and done baby.